Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update on Bobby and a trip around the yard.

Bobby was supposed to come home tomorrow, but his heart has started racing and they sent him down to cardiac unit for tests there.  Just waiting to see what they find, so we will know when he'll be home.

Charlie did come home today.

Stephen took the the be-be pistol out to target practice on cans this afternoon.  He came in and said I found a Bee Nest....So, we asked him to show us...we have 2 huge oaks in the front yard, at least 150 years old,  so out we went, here is the best shot I managed out of about 5.  I'd hope for some Honey one of these days, but I'll leave them alone, since I'm highly allergic to their stings.  I'd noticed a lot of bees in the grass and clover this year, so I guess this is where they were living.

Skylar brought the camera, so I let her take some shots out in the yard.  Some are a bit out of focus, but she isn't quite 9, so we'll live with them.
The orange Asiatic lily in the front yard.

My first Hydrangia, it is about 20 years old, and has lots of babies 
in the area, since I've shared it with several people..

Another flower cluster, it is covered in blooms

One of 2 lace leaf Hydrangias I have.

The purple one on east side of the end of the house.

The last of the clematis blooms the deeper purple.

And  a vine that I brought in, and wish I'd left 
at neighbors, it take over.

So there you have Skylar's picture diary of my 
floral displays.


NanaDiana said...

Great pictures. Is that last vine a vinca vine? I'd say Skylar did pretty darned good with her picture taking. Good news about Charlie and bad news about Bobby. Hope he does okay tomorrow. xo Diana

Tete said...

Yepper, that last vine is Vinca. Only put that one in pots, it takes everything over.
Pictures are great! I think you should hire Skyler part time for your blog.
Glad Charlie got to come home. I know he has a long way to go, but that's a step forward.
Bobby's heart could have been stress with Barbara being there and wondering how he is going to take care of both of them.
Stay away from that tree with a mower, chain saw or weed eater. The noise will make them mad.
Do you know any keepers? They could come and get the hive. My grandpa used to keep bees. I love honey and can't have it now with the diabetes. Pooh- LOL- pun intended!

Patty Patterson said...

Pretty! If you're allergic to bees you might want to call a bee keeper to come and get yours. They will often pick them up for free - just to add to their hives. And they know what they are doing. The bees will be safe and who knows, maybe the bee keeper will even give you some honey!