Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bobby & Charlie Updates

Bobby is being moved to a regular room this evening, so he is making some progress.  I'll drive his wife down tomorrow to visit him, the 'kids' have used all their time so they have to work, now.  Barb cannot drive anymore, so some of us have volunteered to do the duties. I have to be home in time to fix grandkids something when they get off the bus here.  I usually have their dinner fixed, when they are here, so they aren't starving when mom gets home.

I called Charlie this afternoon, thought that I was calling his wife, but apparently he has her phone.  He said he was doing well, and was going home tomorrow, for awhile.  His jaw is still wired shut, he can't put any weight on his leg, and will have to have several more surgeries, but he sounded like Charlie.  Next week we will be driving up that direction, and he said if we would call, he'd meet us, said he was missing his 'kids'.  His wife has 2 children by a previous marriage, and they each have 5 kids, so he is 'grandpa' to all of them.


Tete said...

Sounds like things are looking up there. So glad all the prayers were answered. GOOD LUCK with Miss B tomorrow. I will be praying for you, girlie!

NanaDiana said...

I am so glad to hear that they are both doing better. What a blessing to have come so far for Charlie. God was certainly watching out for him.

I hope it goes okay driving Barbara down there. At least you have a definite time frame to stick to, so that will help keep things on track. xo Diana

Patty Patterson said...

I'm glad to hear both are making improvements! Thanks for keeping us posted! I'll continue to pray. Hopefully there will be plenty of friends and family to assist Barbara in getting to and from where she needs to go - and Bobby will make good progress. The situation sounds difficult and I really feel for them.
And Charlie sounds like he is going to be just fine. Hopefully he'll get some time with some of those grand kids. There's nothing in the world that could cheer a grandpa up more.