Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It has been quite a day, but good.

Those of you who have been stopping by for a few years, will remember the Turtle Dove nest that they built in the loft of hubby's shed...This morning, while doing dishes, I noticed movement in the same spot, 2 doves were working on a nest, again, same spot.  I'm going to get the ,mirror and see of I can get a glimpse of the nest with eggs or baby doves in it.  If there is, then there will be photos.

Seems all the mother cats have put their babies in the same spot, and are taking turns nursing.  I've counted 7 kittens, everything from the white one I've posted about before, to a very dark almost black one, who is quite fluffy.  There is also one who has lost part of it's tail, only about an inch or so still there...He is a very 'Orange' and fluffy one.    And then there is Pink Jr, a bit less pink than the original Pink, but beautiful.
They range in size from about 3 1/2 weeks, to about 6 weeks of age.
Frosty, the white one, is scared to death when I catch him, I've tried just holding him and talking, but his heart still races and he is really upset...I have fang marks on one finger, too.

Then a large Cardinal family came to the feeders today, and in their midst was an Indigo Bunting-it was quite a colorful sight.  Now I'm waiting for the Pine Warblers to show up.


Have had a few Hummers but not nearly what we have had in past years.  I didn't see the first one until May 8th this year.

Pictures of the kittens when I get them still.


Patty Patterson said...

I'd love to come over and sit on your porch awhile and just watch! What beautiful creatures!

NanaDiana said...

Beautiful images and birds, Jettie. I hope you can get some pictures of the kitties. I still don't have any hummers yet and we haven't seen any blue buntings yet this year either- I am wondering if they bypassed us with this weird weather- xo Diana