Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just around the yard.....

Hollyhock, hope this is a black one.

Not sure which color these are either, but I'm betting pink and white.
We will see soon.
Cannas on both sides of this fence, most are yellow or 
Tub of 4 O'Clocks varigated, and pinks and white ones.

Green beans in the garden,
Okra, just up and ready to thin.
Tomatoes are growing
and so are these, look at those ears.
Tell me what is wrong with this picture?
There are 3 in each litter, and they are now in the same bed...
Mothers probably share nursery duty.


Tete said...

Love your garden and flowers coming up. Cute babies. Glad you got out in the yard today. Hope you are doing better this evening.

Terra said...

Cute kittens, especially the orange ones, and that would be grand to have a black hollyhock.

Connie said...

Hello Jettie, I am delighted to meet you. You left a comment on my guitar strumming blog, and I apologize for not answering sooner. I do not go to that blog very often, but I do check this blog almost everyday.
It is my main blog.
Your kittens are beautiful, and that is coming from a dog person, LOL. I too enjoy gardening (small time gardening the backyard type) we have a very small yard, but I pack all that I can into it.
i checked out the post on our grandson's birthday. So, that is the steel guitar that your husband made, WOW!!! I am so very impressed. He is quite a craftsman.

I want to invite you over to follow my main blog and I promise that I will see your comments and reply sooner :)
Your newest follwer, Connie :)