Monday, May 20, 2013

Hydrangias blooming?

Nope, just weeds right now.
These were about 6 ft tall last year, but died back.
Trimmed up and waiting.

But these are, there are 3 colors here, I've only found two so far.

The Honeysuckleis going crazy over on other side of fence

Cannas and polk Salat, thought I'd pulled all the polk out.
Nope, not a snake, but as big as one, just has legs and not as long.
I must say, before I noticed the legs, the first thing I thought was gun.
And the big horse, see how high the motor sets.
He can till the garden in 15 minutes on slow speed, now.  He would
have to run to keep up with it, on higher speed
Tiller, 34 years ago, $340
Motor, about $80 new
Hubby's joy at the not having to work on the old motor all the time, PRICELESS

1 comment:

Tete said...

Whatever that thing was with legs needs the gun used on it. It would scare the pee out of me.
Love the tiller. Doesn't look that bad! You should have seen my dads. LOL- love your flowers blooming! Pretty. Oklahoma got hit hard today. Hope its not coming our way.