Sunday, May 26, 2013

Black and Pink and Red

My Hollyhocks are beginning to bloom.
I have 3 colors so far,
and maybe more to come.
The red is new, more red than any I've had.
And here is the pink,
I have several of these.
I've been wantin a black, ever since I saw one
and have tried a couple of times, but they didn't come up or never bloomed.  Last spring, I found a package of them and couldn't resist.  
You can't tell much right now, but, hopefully tomorrow or in a day or so, they'll be bloomed out, and you can see them plainly.  Right now, just the end of the bud is showing, but it looks JET black...
4 O'Clocks right beside the garage door.
And matching pot on other side of door.  I got these for 
$20 for the pair about 3 years ago at an auction.  Hubby thought I paid too much, until he found that a 
pair of them would have been at least $60 at the store.


Terra said...

I admire your hollyhocks and planted a few seeds this year. The black would be my favorite.

Tete said...

They are just beautiful, Jettie! I love those pots. Post the black ones when they open good. I want to see those. Anything on the new nest of babies on the porch?

NanaDiana said...

Love all your plants. Typical male thinking you paid too much until hit between the eyes with the REAL price of something!;>)