Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morning entertainment

You'll  remember this photo of my bird feeder adaptation. 
What I didn't know, when installing it, was that I was helping the Cardinal parents. 
They are using this as a teaching tool for take offs and
landings with 3 or 4 young ones that are just learning to fly.

Momma Cardinal lands on it, to show them it is safe.

The first couple of passes, they just flirt with the idea of landing, go
on to the tree or the fence.
Then one made a perfect landing on the feeder, and 2 others kept
trying to decide if it was safe.
They ended up on the ground the first round or two.
Just now, mom and 2 of the young landed on the  feeder, but before camera could come out,
a truck passed and off they flew.

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NanaDiana said...

What amazing photos!! Love that you were able to catch the interaction between Mom and babies- xo Diana