Monday, July 25, 2011

Birds and Flowers.

I've been trying to get a photo of this Indigo Bunting for quite awhile.  He would fly
every time I opened the door.
So I slipped out the side door, and waited patiently
until he came back.

I'd have these feeders all aroun, if dh didn't complain about the fertilizer they leave, lol.
Cheap and easy to make and the post is an old fan stand that the fan no longer works.

The rest of the photos were not taken today.
Caught dh out of the house, so
I went to the other computer and uploaded several photos to this album.
It is hard to tell, but I think this is an imature Indigo Bunting
Taken in early spring.

Leave my feed alone, seems to be what this one is saying.
A Flicker of some sort,
he likes the peanut butter suet too.
I think this is a young bird, just shedding his down
a finch.
Blue Lace Leaf, you'll see a pink one in the background.

Darkest purple bloom
Hungry bird, he sticks around and still comes to feeders
even though he prefers the peanut butter and
This was in 2010, there was about 10 hummers flying around
I managed to get this shot with 4 of them, the other shots were blurry.

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