Friday, July 08, 2011

Camera fun

A few days ago, I was looking for something in the discard bin, and came across a piece of 3 inch pipe that I'd tried to form into a mold.  That one didn't work out, but the next one did.
Anyway, I was just thinking it would make a good practice piece for a bird feeder that i had in mind.
to the drill press I go, then down to the scrap wood
bin at the shop. 
I also grabbed the base of an old fan that no longer works,
and made a stand.As U can see, the
bird doesn't have wings.
He visits every day, now, eating what I've scraped off the ground from the wasteful birds at the other feeder.

Our yard has a little color this year.
Though it was supposed to be lavender instead of
bright pink.

And here are two of my silly kitties
who love Cantaloupe.
I used to carry it out to the garden and
drop it in the compost heap, but
now I take a pan, put it out for the kitties
and no, they are not hungry, they just like cantaloupe.
They won't touch watermelon.
But some of the others will.


Tete said...

Love the squirrel Now the kitties eating melon...ok, I have one who loves broccoli and another who is into tomato soup.
NanaDiana tells me that you are twins...hmmm. Should I be scared that there might be 2 of her? LOL
She says I'm the long lost little sister, so that would make us related...
Have a great weekend!

peacerunner said...

Hi Jettie! (my name is also Jettie, bu the way. I don't often run into another Jettie). I plan to go buy some cantaloupe for my 3 kitties tomorrow. I wonder if my spaniel will like it?

honeysmom said...

I love that picture of the kitties and the cantalope, Jett. That is amazing and those are two beautiful kittens.