Thursday, July 28, 2011

SAFE FROM THE PAST By Patricia Miller Mauro

SAFE FROM THE PAST By Patricia Miller Mauro

This is the true story of the struggles of Patricia Miller, from the time her father and mother divorced when she was very small, until the time she graduated college. Her mother harrassed her father with threats of calling the police, if he was just minutes late returning Pat and her sister, Kim, until he thought it best to walk away, and not cause more mental anguish for the girls..

Then her mother married Bill, when the girls were in their teens, and things spiraled downward. Pat finally managed to enroll in college, and she was dropped off at the door with a whole $50, and told that she wouldn't be getting any help from her stepfather. Patricia proves herself to be the kind of woman who figures out a way to get what she wanted out of life, even when she didn't think she could do it, at times. Working in the cafeteria on weekends so she would have food when it closed on Sunday afternoons. Filing for a professor, to make money for food and supplies, during breaks from school. Sharing meals with friends, whenever invited.

This is a very compelling book, and a must read for anyone who enjoys a 'pull yourself up by your boot straps' story.

This book deserves 5 Stars....

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