Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Updated my bird feeder...

When I built this, I used a block of Cherry that was already cut,
but after watching larger birds try and land on the small area, I started thinking
that maybe it needed a larger area.
I looked for a plastic or metal 5 gallon bucket lid, but didn't find one.
So I went scavenging in the discard bin.
What did I find?
We upgraded our Directv awhile back, and
we had  an old dish
so, after a few modifications,,
Here is the outcome.
This was taken about two minutes after I walked away,
and this landed on the ground to eat
what had fallen out,
while I was messing with it.

Now I'm waiting on the Doves and the
Purple Finch to show up.
I'm thinking I'll find another of those dishes,
and see about making another feeder
for the back.

1 comment:

Tete said...

Holy cow, girl! I am not sure what I am impressed with most, the feeder or your photos! Love the blue bird!
My camera isn't good enough to get photos of the birds.:( I have tried so many times. I could get closer if 4 cats and 2 dogs weren't following me everywhere I went!
Hugs- Tete