Wednesday, July 13, 2011

" Princess Planks"

Not to be outdone
the "Princess'
 asked for her own set of planks to build with, so poppy went to the shop, followed by 3 little tag-alongs
and they came back in about 30 minutes with
not 50
not 70
not 90
not 100
planks for her.
She had brought her 'paint' so she could
mark her
set, and the
boys couldn't
'accidentally borrow' any of them.
so we painted a spot on every single one.
And then she went to work.
After  a couple of collapses
of her taller creations
 she finally settled on

building a garage
And what fun is it, to build it
it doesn't do this...


Tete said...

Girls can have blocks, too! I had as many boy toys as I did girl toys when I was a kid and still do. The shed is full of MY tools!
Love the blocks- you are going to have to go into business and sell them at flea markets now.
Hope your day is fun!
Hugs- Tete

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I had to laugh that she painted hers so the boy(s) can't use them!! I see she used PINK-lol Good for her. I didn't see this first so I told you in the previous post that I used to love Lincoln Logs! xo Diana