Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, and the countdown has begun..

This may be a rambling post, so stick with me.

School starts in 23 days for all the grandkids.
I discovered this on Tuesday, when I talked to one of the teachers from Jd's school.
Only one groaned when they found out, and think his was just his natural reaction to anything.

We've been having VBS at our church this week.  I volunteered to do sign-ins, I think it is about the easiest job there.  Once we get them signed in, I'm done, the rest of the night, someone else gets to see their smiling faces.  Tonight is the program, then tomorrow night, there will be a group there doing a puppet show for kids of all ages.


And I don't mean Hot Pink
100 degree + for the next few days.
That seems to be what I've heard since the middle of June.
Right now, I have the door open, to watch the

and these
I have 2 or 3 pair of Mourning Doves, and then there is at least a pair of Ringed Neck Doves.
I love watching them, and they have gotten to where they don't fly as quickly, when I am outside.
Guess they know where the food is coming from these days.

But now it is time to shut the door, turn on the AC and
watch this


Tete said...

Stay cool today, snow and winter are just around the corner! Love your photos this morning. Just awesome.
Hugs- Tete

NanaDiana said...

That's as lot better than watching the old boy in his underwear sitting in his chair watching TV! (which seems to happen here on a hot summer evening).

wow-Your school starts early. We don't start until after Labor Day. Do you get out in May then?

Happy Weekend, Jettie-Love ya, gal! xo Diana