Saturday, July 16, 2011

HuhOOOOOOOOOO Poor widdle puddy tat.....

I have several half wild cats around here, they show up for dinner, but don't try and touch them.  Biting or scratching will be the sign they want down. 
Today, while I was feeding them, I noticed one looked a bit strange, his tail was a bit short, like about 2 inches.  On closer inspection (from 6 or 8 ft away) I could see that the 'bone' was still there, about the size of a large needle, but the hair and skin was completely gone.  So, I have a Red Tabby Puddy Tat with a short tail, who won't let me get hold of him to doctor.  I am wondering what he got his tail caught in, but guess I'll never know.
I'll try and get a photo of it, soon, but not making any promises. Why do mom cats keep kittens away from us, until they are too old to tame? 

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Tete said...

Poor baby! It should heal ok on it's own. You would need full body gear and face mask to get ahold of him. You could get a trap from your local humane society and trap it, take it in and let them fix the tail and fix him/her and release her back at home when it's healed up. They have programs to cover the costs since they aren't your cats.