Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving, just a couple of days late

Today, we will be having our 
get together, with all the children and grandchildren.
I've got the turkey in the oven.  I know that he was supposed to be smoked, but between the cold temps and 
hubby hurting his ankle, which I am sure you know was all my fault, we decided to roast him in the oven, instead.  
I made that decision, 
when I saw that it was either that, 
or raw turkey for dinner.
We are also serving southern cornbread dressing, no not stuffing, dressing.
I'm making 3 pans of rolls, they will be started just in time, to bake and take to the table, still hot from the oven.
And my contribution for dessert,
Lemon Icebox Pie
Though it is in a large glass dish, not pie plates.
daughters are bringing 
homemade mac and cheese
sweet potatoes
green beans
pumpkin pie
whatever else they feel like cooking.
I'm sure there will be cake of some kind,
and maybe more than one.

We've sampled the dressing, it has passed inspection,
I scraped the bowl when I made the pie, 
and  it passed the taste test.
Thank goodness we aren't eating until about 4:00pm
because all that testing doesn't leave much room for
food right now.

Hope your weekend is wonderful
and that if you participated in 
Black Friday,
you got everything you went to get, and
didn't have to yank someone's hair out, to 
get it.

Oh, now I thought of something else.
A few years ago, when they were doing Black Friday
at about 5:00am in the morning, my 'little' son in law
was in Walmart, with his buggy piled high with
items from the sale.
He had his back to his buggy, and was down the isle getting something else.
woman decided to help herself to
an item in his buggy.
When he turned around and looked at her, she
reached and put the item back into his buggy,
and walked away.
You see, my 'little' son in law
is 6ft 7 inches and at that time a good 260 pounds.
Guess she didn't want to arm wrestle him over that
bread maker.


NanaDiana said...

I hope you had a wonderful day with your kids and family. The food sounds wonderful...and although I love a smoker turkey I really like it roasted for Thanksgiving.
That is so funny about your sil. He probably scared the crap outta her just by his sheer size.

I like the new look to your post. It is easy to read with the larger lettering. xo Diana

Tete said...

LOL- Had the same thing happen to me in Walmart many years ago over chocolate easter bunnies. I got the last 2 that weren't broke, and some woman tried to take them out of my cart on the other side of the store with me pushing it. I put on the meanest Joe Green face I could muster and ordered her to put them back and she did it shaking like a leaf and whispered sorry. I was shaking so bad when she walked away, I had to leave right then and went right to the check out. I bluff good! HA

Hope your dinner went well and you all ate too much and are laying around moaning and groaning about how you will never do that again!