Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jettie's just Ramblin again

There is another turkey in the fridge, thawing.
This  Sunday is our Annual 
potluck at church. 
I had planned on the turkey, not thinking it would be so close to our
Thanksgiving meal.
I guess I'll eat what someone else brings, lol.

Julie got some 'almost' good news yesterday. 
She called the Auction company where she placed a bid on the 
land next to her, about a month ago.  She's kept the land mowed for about 12 years, as there is nothing on the land, no buildings or anything.  Anyway, they told her her bid had been accepted by the lawyer, just have to wait for court approval, which we hope is soon. If she does get it, then she can fence the area
and keep people off it, and it will also increase her lot to double it's current size.

I have started a Water Aerobics class at the local 
gym.  It is a very large heated pool, and I get to spend 75 minutes
working those joints that don't like to move on land.  I've been going about a month, and can tell it really helps.  Today I think I did more than normal.  I also got my water shoes today, they insist it will help my feet stay soft and supple, instead of rough.
They got routed wrong, or I would have had them for the class today.

I also received a basket of things that I won in a drawing that one of the authors that I review for, hosted.
It said box 2 of 2, so I hope to get the other half tomorrow.

Here is a bunch of overstuffed faces from our Thanksgiving feast.
This is the whole family, David and Robin, Stephen, Julie, Brian, Kim.
Skylar and JD
Jettie and Jerry.

So now you know us all, drop in again, soon, 
for another bout of rambling.


NanaDiana said...

I love to see pictures of your family, Jettie. I think it is pretty funny that you are having another turkey dinner. I ate too much turkey last week. Did you know that they say it is bad for people with arthritis? Something about the way the enzymes interact in your body. I tend to believe it- I have been the sorest that I have been in a long time- xo Diana

Ellie VanCaster said...

What a great looking family! I sure hope she gets the land, that would be so nice for her.
Another turkey-OH BOY-sort of.
I think I've had my fill also and would just eat lots of sides-LOL