Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do you ever wonder?

How some people survive?  How they keep a job?  Well, I do.
A few days ago, hubby went to buy a part.  I'd called and priced it, and verified it was in stock.  He goes in, and they try and charge him almost double what they priced it to me.  Then said the cheaper one wasn't in stock.  They had already billed him, when he found this out.  Told them he didn't want it, they voided ticket, and he walked out.   We went to another store and got name brand part for less than the 'off brand' they were trying to sell him.  
2 days later, here comes a bill, yep, they'd charged us for the part on our account. $76.00 for a part we didn't get.  I got it straightened out, took me an hour, and got a credit on our account... Can I charge them for the hour I wasted?
When I went to get my flu shot, the Mammogram van was at the clinic.  Did I want to get my mammogram now?  I don't have my card, hasn't renewed yet, but they promised they could call and get the information.  So, Yes, I'll save a trip and get it today.....A few days later, I get a call, the # 'I' gave them isn't correct.  That is the number they said they got from ABC.   I get a letter yesterday, on a Saturday of course, that my # isn't valid, and I owe them $189.00.  So on Monday, I have to call ABC or the regular clinic, get my number, and spend an hour or two getting this mess straightened out...
This is just the 2 latest incidents, makes you want to hide out and never deal with people....
I sometimes wonder how some of these people manage to drive a car, walk and chew gum at the same time, and remember their way home.  But they get a paycheck!


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I hate inefficient idiots-you wonder how some of them get a job and then, even moreso, how they KEEP the job. It is just crazy- xo Diana

.....and here I thought I was gonna see a picture of you getting a mammogram......

Tete said...

They only hire idiots because they are idiots themselves and they speak the same language.
Sorry you had a bad day of this crap and looks like a couple more hours of it coming. I think they do it on purpose, just think of all the stupid people who won't waste the time to straighten it out and just pay the bill?

Ellie VanCaster said...

I so miss the days of good old customer service-you know, the customer is right and even if not we'll apologize profusely and fix it with a smile. You might even get a free something to show they value your business.
I hardly see that happen anymore-now if there's a mistake they blame it on us automatically and let us know we're wasting their valuable time-HATE THIS