Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Prayer Requests and One little #

A wonderful lady that I met in the hospital, yes, way back when we were infants, is having surgery on Monday.  Her name is Kaye, and we are hoping that this surgery helps with her diabetes.
Anyway, please pray that all goes well with her surgery.  We've actually been friends for about 32 years, she's one of those special people that we can go for months without talking to each other, and pick up where we left off, when we do talk.

And, my dear friend, Tete, from Beyond the Garden Gate, is having tests today, pray they turn out well, and she can have her gall bladder surgery soon.

and about the One Little #
If you read my last post, about screwups, 
this is an update.  They had left 1 little # out when they updated my card, and that one little number threw everything off.
and what was that number, you say?


Ellie VanCaster said...

Good morning Jettie-
A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you-
a little blonde birdie told me.
Definitely will pray for your friend and Tete that all goes well.

Isn't it aggravating to have such a
simple thing mess everything up!?
I hear SPITTING @ anything helps release the tension. LOL

NanaDiana said...

Saying prayers for your friend and Tete! God bless them all. I see since this posted that Tete's tests have come out okay.

LOVE the ZERO they left off your card. duh....xo Diana