Monday, November 05, 2012


When J. D Jessup's wife passed away, he left a career in Nashville and his music behind.  He ended up on an Organic farm in Arizona, where Illegal's crossed the borders at night.  His instructions, call border patrol.
While checking the farm, he finds a Mexican woman, almost dead from exhaustion and lack of water.  Instead of turning her in, he helps her, without telling his 'boss'.
This sets off a rash of trouble, people trying to kill him, and her, and hiding from the Mexican drug cartels.

I really enjoyed this book, most of it was very realistic and the romance was understated for the most part.    I've read another book by this author, and I have to say his writing is very good, with a lot of realism, and if I find another, I'll be sure and read it, too.

I was given a copy of this book by Tyndale Publishing, to read and review.  I received no other compensation.  All opinions expressed here are my own, I'm not required to give a favorable review.

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NanaDiana said...

That sounds like a good book, Jettie, although I still don't know when you find time to read as busy a you are. Blessings- xo Diana