Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Little of this, and a little of That

Or as the title says, Jettie's Ramblings....

I was over at Nana Diana's blog this morning, where she was talking about snow, and braving the roads to get a cup of coffee....her addiction is STARBUCKS
I'd be right behind her, if there was no coffee available to drink, at the house.
Several years ago, we had company visiting, and getting ready to leave.  I got up to find that the coffee pot had died since the morning before, which even in the best circumstance, is very bad.  Normally, I'd be fine with the loss of anything else, but that cup of coffee has to be ready shortly after I crawl out of bed, or there will be heck to pay.  Since the company and my husband were not big coffee drinkers, they couldn't figure out what my complaint was....as I got more and more agitated....I finally jumped into the car, ran up to the store locally, and grabbed the largest cup they had.   And then I went to town and bought a new pot...

Cabinet doors are on hold, our big shaper Router decided it didn't want to work, just as we started the first door.  A couple of hundred dollars, and a week of waiting for shipping, and we'll be back in business..I'm going to try and find a part to fix it, just to have a spare.

I want everyone to know that I have the greatest aunt in the world.  Actually a couple of them, but this time I'm talking about my Aunt Charlene, she is such a special person, and so good hearted.  Say a prayer for her, if you will, because she is 86, and I want to keep her forever.

Have a great day.


NanaDiana said...

Morning, Jettie- See I KNEW we were twins. I have to have my coffee first thing. I always set the pot up the night before so I can pour it through the moment I get up. Then, when the kids go off to school I usually go get a Starbucks espresso. Yep-totally addicted!

Sorry about the router. That is a big expense in the middle of a project. Hope you can get the parts you need to fix the other one.

Saying a prayer for your Aunt Charlene. I had a couple of Aunts like that and they were very important parts of my life. xo Diana

Tete said...

Well, just look at you two talking about coffee like it was something special...LOL. I have never been able to drink it myself, but I do have my addictions.
Hope you can find a part for the router- so you will have an extra one when you come and do my kitchen. I'm on the list, right?
Knowing you can't keep your sweet aunt forever here- praying that you have a while longer before you are parted for just a bit. You will be together again and it will be better than here. Promise.
I have one aunt that I am pretty close to, but haven't seen her in years. I do miss her.