Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just Rambling

No pictures today, I'll try and remember the camera next trip.

I have the wood trim painted on edge of cabinet.  It looks good.  We hung the first door yesterday, I still need to do a little work on it, we used a piece of really distressed wood, and it needs a little love.  Trying to decide if the distressed will look good, or if we need to buy clear wood, and distress it.

I went to Walmart yesterday, and smiled at someone, who immediately said JETTIE FAYE, a woman I hadn't seen in at least 40 years.  Guess I haven't changed a bit.  After she told me who she was, I could see it, but I didn't recognize her until then.  She was about 3 years ahead of me in school.

Then I ran into my 3rd grade teacher, who stopped and talked a minute.  She told me that one of my other teachers had passed away early on Friday.  I'm hoping to be able to go to the visitation, doubt I'll make it to the funeral.  This teacher, Eathel Freeman, was raising a family, teaching school, working a farm, and going to college.  I had her in 2nd grade in a little 2 room school house just down the road from my grandparent's house.  Then, I changed schools, she was pregnant with her 4th child, and teaching, and dad didn't think that was something a woman should do.  My how times have changed.  Anyway, they closed the little 2 room school, and in 4th grade, all the children there followed me to the school where I went until I graduated.  Mrs. Eathel, that is what we called her, followed too, and as she got more education, she moved up to high school, so I had her from 5th grade until I graduated in some class, mostly history and math.  I'm going to say she was the best teacher I ever had, if I had problems in English or any other class, she would help, and make it clear.  I hope you were lucky enough to have a teacher similar to her.  She and I have stayed in touch all these years, and I've been out of school for 46 years.......She used to call just to chat.  I talked to her oldest daughter awhile back, and she told me her mom wasn't doing well...I guess there is a time for all of us to move to the next level in life.
RIP Mrs. Eathel, See you again some day.

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Tete said...

Oh Jettie- I love this story. I had many teachers like that. But none of them followed me around and I only had them one year. But each and everyone of the good ones led me onto the next pair of loving hands. How blessed you were to have Mrs. Eathel so many times in your life and then into your adulthood as a friend. What a woman she must have been!
You know- I remember my kindergarten teacher- Mrs. Winters, was pregnant when school started and then she left for her maternity leave before she got very big, and Mrs. Yonkin came in after Christmas break and finished her year for her. Mrs. Winters came back to teaching the very next spring. But they didn't like pregnant teachers around the kids.
I am in here to see about getting the list made for you- so I had better get moving!