Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Rambling Again

I got to go to visitation for Mrs. Eathel, saw lots of people I knew.  I got a bear hug from her oldest son, who said I hadn't changed a bit.  Then saw our coach from 7th grade, who said the same thing.  I took a floral arrangement and put on it 'Class of '66', and now 4 of my classmates are donating toward the cost.  That will pay for the next one that I do, as I do them for classmates and teachers who have passed on.

Now for other rambling.

We got 6 of the cabinet doors on Julie's cabinets yesterday.  I didn't get photos of them after I whitewashed them, but here are what they looked like before. Hope the blurry one doesn't make you dizzy.  The doors were built from lumber that we sawed from a huge pine that had to come down when new electrical lines went in a couple of years ago.    I promise new and better photos next time.


NanaDiana said...

Hey Jettie! I am glad to see your old format back-It is much easier to follow and read!

I am glad that you have some people chipping in for the flowers. It is so nice of you to use your talent to honor those that have passed is a gift of love really.

Cabinet doors are looking good. I did not realize that you made them out of wood from your property! WOW! That is pretty impressive.

Hope you have a good day- I am off to work on cleaning out the property up North. xo Diana

Tete said...

Well, class of '66? You don't want to know that I was only 4 then, do you?
Big hugs your way and love the cabinets. No wonder its taking so long to get them done. You had to cut down the tree to make them- LOL.
Hope you have a good night.