Saturday, March 10, 2012

I hit a home run!

No, I wasn't playing softball, my creaky old joints wouldn't allow for that..
.I'm talking about with one of my auction purchases.  2 years ago, I purchased a 'package deal' at an auction, got lots of large sheets of Formica and some other things that have already been used for $10...Yesterday we dug into the stack of Formica, and found enough to do the tops of Julie's cabinets, in something I thought she would like.  She called as soon as she walked in the door, to tell me it was perfect.  That saved her about $170 in money, and it cleared 1/8 inch of space next to my wall in the garage.

The big shaper/ router went out on Tuesday, so here we sit, trying to figure out what to buy so we can build her cabinet doors....Not that there isn't work we can be doing, like putting the poly on the cabinets, and re-installing the sink, but it would have been nice to have been able to work here on days that we didn't want to drive over to her house.

Look for 2 new book reviews on Monday....


NanaDiana said...

What a find that formica was! The surprise is that SHE liked it, huh? How great is that! I hope you get your router soon so that you can get on with the job and finish it up. I hope you have a good weekend and can get some rest for your achy bones. xo Diana

Tete said...

Glad you had something you didn't have to buy! Thats the fun of collecting things that you might need later- when the "later" comes and you actually get to do something with it. I can't wait until you post photos of the finished kitchen.