Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exciting dog day

About 5:00pm I was standing near the door and saw a flash of gray...moving around in the yard.  Flash the wonder dog was laying on the ground asleep, and a little Tufted Titmouse hopped on him, tugged at some hair and flew off.  Flash sat up just about the time she flew.  Now I  know that birds gather hair to line nests, but that is the first time I've ever saw a bird take hair from a live animal.

At about 8:40pm Julie called, said a bug was on Petey's lip, and she couldn't get it off.  Knowing that Julie knows what ticks are, I wondered what kind of bug.  She brought him over, and it was a large bug that had attached itself to his lip and wouldn't turn loose.  I finally held him while she got a tissue and it came off.  I came away with a good scratch on my arm, lol, and Petey went to the food dish and snacked on food.

Two things I've never had happen and both in one evening.


Patty Patterson said...

Is Petey another dog? And was it a tick or just a bug? And it sounds like you had an interesting day.

NanaDiana said...

Weird!!!! I have never seen a bird do that either. How odd. So...did you figure out what kind of bug it was? That is kind of scary! I see you got some war wounds! xo Diana