Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Has A Donkey ever brought you Breakfast in Bed? Pat Brannon

If you are looking for a gift for a small child, that they will love and remember, and then be passed down to siblings, and then their own children, look no further.  
Pat Brannon has written the cutest Childrens book, with great illistrations, which will entertain the reader as well as the ones being read to, every time.  
Mrs. Brannon and I graduated from the same high school, though several years apart.  I remember her family was always very musical.  I lost track of her, until I joined Facebook, and there she was, and was now an author, mostly of children's books.  My grandson, Stephen, told me she had come to their school, and he wanted me to become her friend.  She also writes Gospel Music, so she is a very multitalented lady.
You can get her books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or you can get them through her, by friending her, and contacting her on Facebook.  She will autograph them for you, and shipping is included in the cost.


Here is a you tube video of the book.  Enjoy it.


Ellie VanCaster said...

Oh, that is good info-with a new litte one in the family that could come in handy. the Mom is a big reader so I'll pass that name on.
PS no donkey ever served me breakfast in bed but I bet I would like it-LOL

Tete said...

Isn't that neat that you all went to the same school? Farout!
I will look into her and I don't need children's books yet, still hoping here, I will remember her.

NanaDiana said...

Oh Thanks, Jettie- I wonder how she got started? I sure would love to write a kid's book- xo Diana