Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just a short tuit

Need a decorative container in a short time, and either no time or no money to purchase one?
I'm one of those people who loves old wallpaper or wrapping paper.
so I have started covering cans of different sizes.
Here is a short how to, 
on the way I do them, takes about 15 minutes to cover a can.
Find some paper, wall paper works really well,
 because it is a bit stiffer than most wrapping paper

find the size container you want, make sure it is clean.
You can either take the label off, or leave it on, makes no difference, 
I've done them both ways.
You'll need a knife, a straight edge, a glue gun, some masking tape, and ribbon or decorative
flowers if you wish to decorate after you finish covering.
Lay can on the paper, just with the bottom lip touching the edge of the paper
Take straight edge, and lay right where the top of the can is 
put onto the can, itself.
Using the straight edge and the knife, carefully cut the
paper to length that will reach around the can, plus an inch or so extra.
Wrap the can, and overlap the paper, pulling it as tight
as you can. 
Take knife and cut against the edge of the papers where they overlap
and if you do it right, they will match perfectly. 
This is where the stiffer paper helps.
Take a couple of pieces of  masking tape,
and tape the paper on the can, making sure
the edges fit together.
Hot glue the edges closed, making sure glue is set 
before removing tape.
Decorate as you wish, I didn't have any matching ribbon
so stuck the raffia on, just to show what I meant.
Raffia was removed 

And here are 2 cans, a coffee can and a large soup can
done in about 15 minutes.

The first can I covered, a baby formula can, about 11 years ago, with a pretty wrapping
paper.  I still use it, and it has held up very well.  I'm sure the wallpaper will hold up even better.

Also, if you have one of those can openers that cut the lid, where it will fit back on can, you can glue it back, and use it as a gift container.  
We did that to daughter in law, left the soup label on the can, and you should have seen her face, when she unwrapped a can of soup for her Christmas gift.  We'd put a gift card to her favorite store inside, and sealed it back, she could tell the can was empty of soup, lol.


Ellie VanCaster said...

That even looks doable for me-another good way to recycle. I think as a gift holder that it's a great idea too

NanaDiana said...

That is a great idea, Jettie. I have done a couple of oatmeal boxes but never the tin cans. Love it. I wish I had thought to do that with the can for the gift certificate for some people this year~ GREAT idea- xo Diana