Wednesday, January 09, 2013

It's Buddyboo Again

I be madder dan that ole wet hen...
Ma comes in talkin all sweet an nice.
Picks me up and gives me a pat, removes my
collar, so I be nakked, and den sticks me
in dat ole big sink in the laundry room.
I tols her I didn't stink, but
she say dat I do, an used baby shappo on me
so nows I smell funny.
She did gibs me a bite of roast, afters
I dried a bit.  
If she gib rest of it, I will like her gan.
Why don't she bave dem Kats instead...


Tete said...

LOL-0h, Bebe is the same way! But he goes through with it like a big dog.
Love those ears!

NanaDiana said...

Yeah, Buddy- I think she should bathe you and the cats together. THAT ought to be a party- xo Diana