Tuesday, January 08, 2013


40 Devotions Bringing Bible Characters to Life
239 pages
Standard Publishing

I didn't read this book straight through, since it is a devotional book.  I read a few pages here, and a few there, until I finished.It seems different than most devotionals,  more fully developed, with more thought put into the story from the Bible it is depicting, then more how it fits into our daily lives.  The story of Ruth was especially relevent, and so was the story of the woman who touched Jesus' hem.

I would highly recommend this book, it is easy to read and understand, and it gave me a lot more information than just the few verses that are written down.
I was given a copy of this book to read and review.  I received no other compensation.  I'm not required to give a favorable review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

  I got the link below from Amazon.com so I don't know if you can click to look inside or not, but if not, go to Amazon and check out the book.


NanaDiana said...

Sounds like a nice devotional, Jettie. I hope to start that book I got from you tonight- xo Diana

Ellie VanCaster said...

This sounds like a deeper devotional-I'll check it out on Amazon since it didn't open here for me.