Friday, January 11, 2013

coward allertttt?

Dat is Petey, the wonder dog.
Wonder why he show up ta my hoose
and eat my food.
I tells u, he is sompin.
Ma was goin out, so she puts him on a leash, hrump, big baby.
she gonna show him dis
an dis
He taksid a look, and runses
back into garage, wid dem tangs
followin him, lol, 
But he pways wid



Tete said...

Petey is so cute. I don't see why you guys have to give him such a hard time. He looks like a hobo to me and his tummy was probably growling at him.
LOL- I hope mom got him on the leash to save him from those mountain cats.

NanaDiana said...

OMGosh- I am so tickled to see your pets, Jettie. I love to watch how animals interact. xo Diana

Ellie VanCaster said...

Poor Buddyboo-all dem critters takin' ober da house-I be prayin' fer ya