Friday, September 02, 2011

Yesteryear in pictures

A message from Tete got me to thinking about old photos that I have.
and I thought I'd do a post on old family photos
This is the oldest, though I never saw it until 2005
Joel Weeks aka Joseph Brown, taken about 1849-1850
The type camera used was updated about that time, but probably in the south, 
the old cameras were still in use, hence the chair with the attachment.
(my great great grandfather on my dad's side of family)
Mother's grandfather, Jocephus Finch
he looks as if he is about to face a firing squad.
No photo of his wife, she died young.

Silas C. and Betty Osburn, mom's dad's grandparents
Silas and Betty and all their children.
D. W Osburn, son of Silas and Betty 
and wife #8 Cora

L. C. and Allie Mae Osburn, their wedding photo
Son of D. W and Laura 
(according to Grandfather, I got my red hair from his mother, Laura, he said 
that is all he can remember of her, she died when he was about 3 or 4.)

L. C and Allie in 1953.

Hubby's grandparent's wedding photo
W. J. and Martha 
A photo of W. J and Martha and most of their children.
The little blond boy on the right is hubby's father.
W. J. died in 1916 and Martha never remarried, she died in 1965.
I have his death certificate, it is one of the earliest in Arkansas, and 
I can read everything on it, except the cause of death.

And that my friends, is a photo history of 
our family, minus several photos that I need to recopy.
Hope you enjoyed seeing 



NanaDiana said...

Oh- I loved seeing these Jettie. Just thought I would check to see if they posted before I head off to bed. Your hubby's Dad was a very cute little boy, wasn't he? I think I saw some of these pictures in your book?

Have a great night- xo Diana

Tete said...

That was so much fun! I do genealogy, you know- massively. I have done my families and hubby's, so then I have done several here in town- all the founding fathers, a famous doctor here tied to Lincoln, Lincoln, and many more.
So- you know you have a treasure here for sure! Not many have that many photos- you are one lucky gal!