Monday, September 19, 2011

A great morning at the Funeral Home ;- )

By now, you probably think I've lost my marbles, but no, I haven't.  I actually had a great morning at the funeral home, this morning.    My great grandfather's grave marker was getting a little worse for wear after about 80 years in the elements, and it wasn't going to improve with age.  Sue, a first cousin of my dad, called awhile back and mentioned she was thinking about putting a new stone in it's place.  I said hey, let me hit some of the relatives up for a donation, and you and I will split the rest, after we get what donations they send.  Sue, being a very shy lady, said go for it, maybe we'll get a little help.  So, big mouth here, started writing all the email cousins, and calling those that I had phone #s for, asking for donations.  The first donation was $50..then we got $100, hmmm, so I call the monument place, and get a price for a small stone...the next donations came, another $100, then $300, another $100, and then $40 and so on.  Before all of it got here, I called the funeral home where I know the owner, and he gave us a much better price, and told us he would work with us.
So, we made an appointment  for this morning to look at stones and prices.  Sue and I met there, picked out what we liked, and they called the place that does the carving, to have them do a drawing so we could see how it looks on that stone.  We got to have things changed, so we chose a small cross at both sides of the last name, with leaves and a flower beside it.  We also chose a Mahogany colored stone.  When we got the bill, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we had enough to cover the cost, without having to break out our checkbooks.
Anything left will go toward the cemetery upkeep fund that sees that the fence is in good repair, and that the grounds are mowed and cleaned.

Sue and I are like Mutt and Jeff, she is tall and very thin, and quiet spoken. I'm short, rotund, and with a mouth that many would love to staple shut.  We are the perfect pair, and I love her dearly.


NanaDiana said...

LOL- Well, if I die first I will have you put the long arm on all my relatives for a tombstone. That is hysterical. I am surprised at how generous your relatives were. That is really wonderful! Much more than I would have expected. You and Sue sound like a match made in Heaven....or somewhere- xo Diana

Tete said...

So glad you were able to get a stone for the grave and that everyone chipped in with the funds. You need to post a photo of it when they get it set!