Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where were you when the lights went out?

This morning, I didn't make it to Sunday School, as the truck was loaded with a recliner that I'd purchased yesterday and we were having rain showers and thunder and lightning..  So I called Julie and asked for a ride to church.  We got through the singing and giving the Quartet  a big round of applause for winning the Music Banner at Youth Rally for Best overall, last night..  The Quartet range in age from 11 down to barely 3, and if I had a video of them, I guarantee it would be a U Tube hit. I think the 3 year old won it for them with his actions, he does everything that the others do, making sure he keeps an eye on them, in case he's forgotten something.   He can't reach the microphone even as low as it will go, so it is pointed down, and he grabs the stand and tiptoes to get his voice heard.
Anyway, about that time, they sent the little ones off to nursery class, and the Minister started his sermon, and that's when the lights went out. We do have a large cross made from lighted glass blocks on the front of the sanctuary, so there was light coming in, but the nursery went pitch black.  Surprisingly none of them screamed or had a fit, and a flashlight was sent to the room.  The minister said that he could preach in the dark, and proceeded, so the lights came back on, and stayed on the rest of the time.  I guess the devil decided if he wasn't upsetting someone, he'd go play elsewhere.


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I wish you had a video of those kids singing! We haven't had the lights go out in church but when MrK was preaching at a church as a guest speaker a couple of months ago a bat came flying down out of the rafters and they said they had NEVER had a bat in the church before. I told MrK that he had missed his big chance-a bat and he could have bitten the head off a snake and had a full-out old timey revival. He did NOT think that was funny! xo Diana

Tete said...

Love the story and I would love to see that little one singing. Get your camera ready for the next time they perform!