Thursday, September 01, 2011

Happy Happy September...

I know, I know, I've been lazy and haven't posted much..
I've been looking for something interesting
but around here, there has been very little 
that would even get your attention.
But today, my cousin sent me a new email, and in it was some cute photos.
I really think this cat is dead, lol, but I may try to get one of mine in this shape.

And he asked me to 
send him a stool sample, 
so I did.
OK so you know what I've been sniffing don't you?
No, not glue, 
no not the scotch bottle
Or even the whiskey bottle
I've been sniffing soaping fragrances.
It's that time of year,
when I need to get busy
and make up about 100 bars of 
goats milk soap 

and fragrance them with
sweet smelling stuff
to sell for my 
Holiday Spending Spree...
And just when I posted this, sat down in my chair, 
the excitement started.
Huckleberry was on the sofa, snoozing away, he jumps up, sits down, then jumps off the sofa
acting as if I'd pinched him.
I look over to the sofa and found this
(no this wasn't taken on my sofa)
I guess he had carried him in on his coat, then 
laid down on it, and it pinched...
I grabbed him, he grabbed me, and out the door we went
He flew a few feet, and went under a piece of treated lumber, where I got these photos.

And, while I was outside, I remembered that I wanted some advice on what to do with this 
No not the crock pot crock, the shelf.
Here is a better picture of the top part
There is one shelf missing
but that isn't a problem,
and the legs have a little of the wicker
unraveling on them.

Would you paint it some other color?
Leave it as is?
Or what?
Give me your opinion, I'm open to suggestions.


Tete said...

Love your post today. First, I think the cat is dead. If you try this at home, wear protective gear or it might mean a trip to the ER.
Poor doggie. Those praying mantis are mean little buggers. I liked the part where he grabbed you- ;)
As far as the shelf goes- send it to me.
No seriously- where are you going to put it? I would paint it and all the little places that are unraveling, just take your hot glue gun to them- before you paint.
It would make a great kittie nappin' place here.
I could see a puddy cat on every shelf.
Kitty Kondo- or bunk beds for fur balls.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love the cat picture. You knew I would...and I hate praying mantis'es? I don't care if they are relgious...I don't like them!

The shelf is great. Any place for it in the house? Extra bedroom for storage for fabrics or quilts? I would probably paint it an off white or even a brown color. You could use it to hold a small TV in a bedroom or something too. And, like Tete said, I would hot glue the unraveled parts. That's what I did with that little wicker set I painted for the kids' playhouse.

Off to bed here soon...Long day! xoDiana