Wednesday, September 07, 2011


This morning, while checking the bird feeders, I noticed that the Hummingbirds were pretty active, so I stood under the tree and watched for awhile.  They were paying no attention to me, chasing each other through the trees and around everything.  Suddenly, they almost tangled in my hair.

I decided to come in and get the camera, and see if I could get a shot or two of them.  
Not the greatest, but at least you can see they were out and about.
Then I took a photo of 4 O'Clocks, 
these area about the only flowers I have this year.

The white one, I don't know where the seed came from, it just showed up in my planter.
I had planted some striped ones, but none of them ever germinated.

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NanaDiana said...

I can just see them tangled in that nest of red hair! Cute little things, aren't they? I only have a few flowers this year too...well, I do have some in the perenial bed but even those are kinda blah~ xo Diana