Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Birthday Present

What are the favorite gifts for young ladies
 birthday parties these days in your area?

Around here, it seems they love a visit to a nail
salon for their very on manicure or pedicure.
Granddaughter got a certificate to go to one, with the girl
who gave her the gift, and they will be going soon.

Last night, granddaughter
was going to her best friends party
it is about 30 miles west of here, and she wanted 
to give her a manicure for her birthday.
The ony problem, by the time they went 
to the party, all the salons in the area would be closed.
So, being the 
crafty woman my daughter is, 
she knew that her husband was in that area on
so she called, gave him the name of a salon, and location
and asked him to pick up a certificate.
Of course he would, anything 
for his
loving wife
and wonderful daughter.
So he walks into the salon,
and asks for about  a
Maybe I should introduce you to my son in law.
He is a little bitty guy, only 6 ft 7 inches tall
and about 325 pounds.
Can you imagine the look on 
those ladies faces?
Since most of them are oriental, and
small, and staring up at this
they probably thought he was crazy.
He finally got them to listen, and told them he
needed a certificate for a manicure as a gift, he wasn't
there to get a manicure for himself.
I'm sure he had a good laugh out of this.

If you remember, he is a glutten for punishment, he took his 
10 year old daughter clothes shopping before Easter.
Daughter picked a winner
with this one.


Terra said...

He is a winner, and manicure gift certificate acquired.

NanaDiana said...

He IS a winner for sure. How funny. Maybe they thought he was there for a pedicure!!!! xo Diana

KrippledWarrior said...

the nails looked nice but that ring in the first photo, I want one. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and prayers for my health,

KrippledWarrior said...

it's true they do has a remarkable doctors at the VA. It has been my experience that there are some of the best in the world that have faith in all of them thank you so much for your prayers,