Saturday, June 15, 2013

Petit Jean Show and Swap Meet 2013

This may be a long post, so grab something to drink, and get comfy.  Every year for the past 32 years, we've attended the car show and swap on Petit Jean Mountain.  We even went in 1997, when Jerry had the broken elbow, and was on lots of pain meds.  Die-hards, I guess that is what you would call us.
Top of the mountain, as we are still in the flat land,  heading to the mountain.  The Arkansas river is just to the right of this shot.
Farmland, looks like soybeans near the river.
More beans,  The trees in the background are on the riverbank.
Want to buy a real fixer-upper...
Had you rather purchase this?
or does your taste run somehere in between?
Do you like Cuda's?
Or Grahams?
How about  a Woodie?
or two?  Enlarge this picture and read the sign on the back door.
Does your taste run more to pickups with shiney paint?
Or something a bit larger?
Or maybe a bit older?
How about a shiney red one, I have to say this one caught my eye.  
How about a ragtop?
Or an International
I call these sport utilities before the car companies thought to call them that.
How about a front and a back, 
you have to supply the middle.
A yellow one?
Or one that is easy to spot in any parking lot?
The sister to my Nova 400 convertable..
How about a sign?
Or a coke box?
Need a watering can?
How about one of these?  I hadn't seen
one in several years...
Want a quilt, a hat, or a scarf, or bow?
How about a lunch pail, or some oil?
I never made it to crafts, my hip and knee decided that I needed to sit down, so off to the truck we went..  No, none of these our ours...sad to say.  I saw several that I'd wrestle the owner to drive, but I was afraid I'd hurt him. lol.
Besides, this would be something that dh would drag home, me, I'd prefer to drag this one

No, I still think I like this one best.

I have to tell you, that even though I had a cane and a camera bag, and shot all of these with my right hand, holding and adjusting the distance with one hand, I did not get one bad shot...  Bet you righties out there never noticed that even cameras are made for right handed people...
and us lefties have to deal with it.  Just think what great shots I may have gotten if I had a left handed camera!

We got home, and here is what I found watching us
A small Pheobe, yes, they've hatched.
I love his hairdo!
and here is mom
Wishing I would get out of her way
so she could feed him the bug she has in
her beak.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Tete said...

Jettie- I want a watering can and the international. Too cool.
Love the bird shots and the baby looks hungry as big as its mouth is open.
Being both handed, some things are totally backwards for me, too. I think you did good taking photos with your right hand.

Ellie VanCaster said...

Jettie I'll have to fight you for a few of those beauties-I don't even know which is my favorite, I'd have to choose from about six of them (but especially the orangey and bronzey ones).
That would be a great place to have an all terrain hover-round but my luck I'd crash into one of those beauties. ;-)

NanaDiana said...

Boy- Jettie- That was QUITE a car show. No wonder you never miss it. There is everything there. I love that red one, too...and I could see you mud wrestling the owner for it...and I would sell tickets to THAT show! xo Diana