Wednesday, June 05, 2013


My Asiatic Lilies are bloominng,
I will have to go to the south end to get the orange photos so
the yellow will do for now.
My first Canna that is trying to bloom.
The tiger ones haven't put up their shoots yet.

First Squash, hope there is a bunch of these, as we love 
I have lots of tomato blooms, pepper blooms and the okra and corn are doing well.
The green beans aren't quite to bloom stage yet.


NanaDiana said...

Beautiful lilies, Jettie. I hope you get lots of squash, too. I didn't get anything in yet...except I did put the hollyhock seeds along the side fence. hope they come up- xo Diana

Tete said...

You are so ahead of me! My lilies are blushing but not blooming yet...hopefully in a day or two.
Just planted some squash for a hanging down viney thing is a couple of pots, the wheel barrow and the blocks in front. I don't care if they make or not, just want the green. The seeds were cheap.