Thursday, June 27, 2013

Empty nest and more

Something happened to the babies, they all died on Sunday. 2 had fallen or been pushed out of the nest, and gotten wet, but I had put them back.  I'm thinking that mom had already abandoned them, for some reason.
That corner gets too hot, I'm thinking, at this time of year.
So I took down the nest, and cleaned the mess up.
Though I have enjoyed watching the babies, and their parents, I'm going to put something there to keep them from nesting there, again.

News Flash on FLASH!
He has been pretty good to stay in his yard.  I mean what more could a dog want?
He has about 1/3 acre to play in, he can run and not hit anything, has plenty of shade
and can see the driveway to scare off anything that gets on his property..
Well, it seems that isn't enough, he wants the whole 6+ acres and to keep everything off his property, including cats.
I patched the last hole, again, this morning, but before that, I'd told him NO and he listened.
Last week, both he and Buddyboo got out, and boy did Boo stink when he came back.

Isn't he cute?  
He would never wallow in stinky stuff he sez...
yeah right.

And now, I've got cucumbers and squash that I need to do something with today.
I remember wishing about a week ago, that the squash would produce soon.
well, lets just say I got my wish, and there is about 15 pound, at least, to cook and put in the freezer.
And I'd been watching this one lone little cucumber, waiting to snatch it and eat it all by myself.
Today, hubby moved a leaf, and there were 6 ready to pick, and that little one wasn't even one of them, , though it was ready to pick too.
We also discovered that some of the seed we thought were something else, were we will have a large crop.  And there were some canteloupe that got planted, too...
so our garden is known as the surprise garden this year.
The tomato plants are now 5 ft tall, and are loaded.  Several as big as a fist, maybe in a couple of weeks, we'll have garden grown tomatoes.

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NanaDiana said...

I must have been gone when you posted this,Jettie. I had to laugh at that crazy Flash- He doesn't LOOK like a digger-which just goes to show that looks can be deceiving...and BuddyBoo looks pretty complacent to me...he should smell like a flower! Too bad about the birds!