Monday, June 03, 2013

More flower photos, and

Then there is my 2 gallon crock, that I got a few weeks ago.
It has a broken place that has been poorly repaired.
I could have fixed it where it didn't show, but no way am I rebreaking it, to fix.
The Black Hollyhocks are now deep purple or burgandy, whatever you wish to call it.
Think there will be lots of seed.

Red and pink ones

And here are the Devil's Own
fire ants.  I stepped in this, didn't know it was there
and they burn like fire when they sting.
They've been dosed, so hope they all die.


Tete said...

Love your holly hocks. Hope I can get mine to grow like that.
How can you tell fire ants from the other ones? They look like regular ants we have here. I have never been bitten by one of those and do not think I want to give a go now. Hope you get rid of them.

NanaDiana said...

Love those holly hocks. Did I tell you I got the seeds? Sorry-if I didn't! Oh- I hate those ants!!!!!! Hope you have a good week of weather there- xo Diana