Thursday, December 27, 2012

Update on things

First, my son in law lost his father on Sunday night.
Bobby spent Christmas in Heaven with Jesus, and
according to granddaughter, they were watching Gunsmoke Reruns.
Visitation is tonight, and Funeral is tomorrow afternoon.

Our Christmas was spent watching it snow..
We woke up on Wednesday morning with about 13 inches on the ground,
some said they had a bit more, some said a bit less.

I did get a couple of photos, 
which I will share.
My Bronco II hardly  

Maple tree in front of house
as I was snapping photos,
the Cardinal showed up, female showed up shortly after this.


Tete said...

I hope that all melts soon for you. I lived down that way a couple of winters, and you are not prepared for that much snow at all. The county I lived in didn't even own a snow plow. LOL
The ice is the worst there, though. Pulls those lines down fast. Praying you have enough wood to hold out and that you are stocked up on groceries and toilet paper.

NanaDiana said...

Well, I know the snow is a pain in the butt but it really is pretty. Look at that cardinal. What a great shot. Wouldn't that make a perfect Christmas card?
Hope you have a good day and don't have to get out and go anywhere-xo Diana