Friday, December 14, 2012

Dis be Buddyboo

Don't tell on me for using mom's computer....
But I dits to twell you story about
how I dit in twuble last nite.
Ya see, I dot no bottom toofies in the front.
I diggin howles nd I pulls um gittin roots 
outta de dirt.  Gardenin, yeah that be what I doin, we'll goes wid dat.
mom bought me some smaller dog food, YUCK.
Don wike it cept when I steel it from 
Petey, when he visits.
Don wikes canned stuffs eider...
I do wikes cornbread, chichen, pork,
beef, alls dos good fings.
Anyways, mom and dad walked out of kitchen.
Mom walks back in the kitchen, thar I set in floowr wid a piece of cornbread.  Mom asks dad
did you give buddy corn bread.  Only a small bite.  Dat mom tried to take it back, but I wouldn't let her....I'd heped mysef...
dey left it on tawble....
do you fink if I give mom dis rose
she'll forget I committed a crime?
She say I aint sposed to be on table.....I say she shouldn't leave food out, if it aint mine.

1 comment:

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Gotta love that food left on the table. Sounds like Mom's fault to me!!!! lol xo Diana