Sunday, September 30, 2012

As We Forgive by June Foster

This is book 2 in the Bellewood Series, I have not read book one, but this book stands alone, and you don't feel you've missed much.  I would like to read book 1, and if there is a book 3, I would also enjoy reading that one.

Tim is a Youth Pastor who is spending a year at Bellewood, hoping to go into counselling.  But, he is required to spend this year, and get good reports on his work, before he can hope to move up.
A couple of the teens in his youth group are giving him a very hard time, and he is getting little support from the parents and not much more from the pastor.

Roxanne is a new convert, who has offered to help with some fundraising with the youth group.  She was running a bit late, because of her job at a beauty salon, so when she and Pastor Tim collided, he assumed she was one of the teens, who was too lazy to show up on time.  Imagine his surprise when he discovers she is there to help.

Johnny is a troublemaker, and he is trying his best to cause Pastor Tim to leave.  His brother, Chris, is also a young minister, and he and his family wanted Chris hired at Bellewood, and were very unhappy when he got passed over.

You now have the basics of this book.  Now for my opinion, It is very well written, and is a great book. I enjoyed it from the moment I started reading.  If you purchase this book, you will not be wasting money at all.  I'd give it 5 STARS


Here is a link to the book on AMAZON

I was given a Kindle edition of this book to read and review by LovenGod Promotions to read and review.  I am not required to give a favorable review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.  You can find LovenGod Promotions on Facebook.  


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Sounds like a great book!

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Thanks for the great review Jettie!! Also thanks for including the information about LovenGod Promotions!

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