Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Found this, and 3 others on Thursday, but the other 3 didn't make it.
Somehow they had gotten into the sun,.
This is Snowball, named for the first cat I ever remember having, I was around 2 1/2 or 3.
I thought I knew who his mom was, so offered him to her, and she took him.
Then I find an orange and white on Friday and she took him too, even though he is at 
least a week, or more older than this one.
Today, I look out the kitchen window, and what do I see?
Another kitten, black and white, just a bit bigger than the orange and white.
No mother claimed him, so guess where he went....
Yes, right inside the carrier with the other two.
And yes, mom took him just as if he had been there
all the time
I took them out of the carrier for this photo, then
back in they went.
As you can see, Snowball is a little slower than the bigger ones
but he knows his way to the corner.
And he doesn't mind the snuggle pile one bit.
He manages to get right in the middle.

I hope I don't look out in the morning and find anymore.
We are over capacity as it is, hubby complains of the
dog and cat food we go through,
 but I am sure God will provide the funds for another bag, when this is gone.
If not, I'll ask for donations.

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NanaDiana said...

LOL- Let's see- You got a "blond", a brunette and a "red head" there- I don't think they are any other colos left. Can you believe how you found all of them? xo Diana