Saturday, September 01, 2012

Just Catching Up

I know most of my posts lately have been book reviews, I'd gotten behind in posting some, and needed to get caught back up.  I've only got 3 books, right now, to review, of course the mail hasn't run yet, today.

Hurricane Isaac turned in to a tropical storm, then a tropical depression before he arrived here for his visit.  Living on a tree lined street, we did get power blinks a couple of times, but other than that, just rain, slow and gentle, most of the time.  Just what this drought parched land needed.

See how dry the soil is next to the polk berry stalk
btw, one of my dogs thinks he looks good stained in
the juice of these, and always has spots of color when these
are ripening.  For non southerners, no the berries aren't good to eat.

   He arrived on Thursday Afternoon, and before those bands left, we'd gotten about 2 inches of rain.  Last night, the back part passed over, and we probably got another inch.
Here are a couple of photos I took on Thursday, as he was making his way north and west.

During Isaac's stay, we had a blessed event take place.
My buddy, Kathy, became a grandmother for the first time, yesterday.
Meet Olivia Emilie
Are you a grandmother?  If so, do you remember the birth of that first 
grandchild?  Right now, my friend is floating on air. 
Olivia missed her birthday by less than 12 hrs. 
Dad, mom, and Olivia are doing well.

And now, for a shot you probably will wish I'd left on the Camera.
It is quite a shot and I'll let you guess what I was trying to get
a photo of, when this happened.
No, I didn't turn the photo upside down, this is just the way
I took it.
So now, guess what I was trying to get in the shot.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That is the sweetest tiny baby...she looks like a baby doll! I'm so happy for the family...babies are such a blessing for the whole family. AND I can not imagine what photo you were trying to take! lol Will you do an update? heehee!

Maple Lane said...

Dogs have a way of finding stuff that makes a mess,don't they!!!
The little baby is so petite and sweet - congrats to her family!

NanaDiana said...

Gotta love a dog that loves poke berries- at least someone loves them beside the birds.

That baby is just a gorgeous newborn. She is really, really beautiful. I love the name Olivia.

Umm..that picture? You had your camera upside down and you were trying to get a picture of that birdhouse(?) blown sideways by the wind? xo Diana

Anne said...

What a sweet Baby! My BFF's (yes, we are 55 ~ (well, I'm almost 55!) and we call each other that...) grandbaby is named Olivia. Love it!
We used to make poke-berry "ink" when I was Grandma always cautioned us not to eat them!
Oh, I'll have to go back and look at that pic...I thought you were trying to get a shot of a particularly yummy tomato!
Now following you ~ :)