Tuesday, October 02, 2012

New Contest Win a copy of Healing Love

I have been given an extra copy of a new release by Laura V.Hilton
to give away on my blog.  

The name of the book is 


My day to review this book is 
November 8th.
There is 285 pages in the book, standard size print,
and I read fairly fast...

Here is how the contest is going to be run.
I will give you the number of pages in the book,
You are to guess how long you think it will take me to read the book.
Guesses are to be in this format...
hours and minutes only
as in
7 hours and 10 minutes

I'll write down the time I start reading
and the time I finish, every time I pick up the book.

You have to be a follower to be elgible
and you can get a 2nd chance, by posting
the contest on your blog.
The day I review the book, I will go through the guesses, and 
announce the winner.
You will then send me your name and mailing address,
and I will mail you the book.
Good Luck
tell all your friends to 
come guess, and then come back, read the review to see if they've won.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My guess is 6 hours, 20 minutes