Sunday, October 07, 2012

First Car

I stopped by BEYOND THE GARDEN GATE a few minutes ago, and Tete had posted a photo of her first car.  It reminded me of the first car that I guess my name was on the title.  
It was a Plymouth Sport Fury convertible
Mine was Black with red interior.

I took my driving test in that car, and
I had the top down, because I had a bit of a problem seeing out of the
rear  window, with it up.  But, being a funny guy, the tester
made me put the top up.  I had to go up a hill, then, back up, and I will bet that was one of the slowest drives that car ever made.  
The car was a special order car, and had been stolen in Michigan.  When found, the former owner's insurance had already paid it off, and the owner no longer wanted it.  So it was pretty much optioned out, including a set of 3-2 barrels.  I was just thinking what a gas hog it probably was, but at .319C a gallon, we didn't worry about it much then.  

Before that car, I drove this, but it wasn't mine, or at least my name wasn't on the title.
It was not nearly as nice as the one in the picture.
as I remember it had a hole in the back floorboard.
It was metallic blue-green with a white top.

Then there was this baby
1966  Chevelle in this color, and a real metal top, not a ragtop.
Back in the 1960s used cars were cheap so 
it wasn't hard to purchase something that still had a shine on the paint 
for a decent price.  


Tete said...

So cool! I always wanted a ragtop and never got one!

Tyra Shortino said...

Sounds like you had quite an experience in driving different vehicles. How lucky can you get? But from the cars you’ve had, the one that I like most is your 1966 Chevelle auto. Chevelle was one of the most successful nameplates on the Chevrolet and GM line. This series of autos was famous as one of the most notable muscle cars along with the Mustang. And like any other vehicles, it has gone through a series of transition and revamps, giving car lovers something to look forward to on its succeeding production years. And I think it can still capture the hearts of car aficionados everywhere.

[Tyra Shortino]

Nettie Christensen said...

Wow! I love those vintage cars! You were so lucky to be able to drive all these cars. I never had a chance to drive one but I’m really looking forward to driving one soon.

-Nettie Christensen

Ivo Beutler said...

It was a privilege to have the chance to drive all these vintage cars! Before my grandfather passed away, I was able to drive his Pontiac Parisienne Sedan, and up until now, I can still remember how happy I felt that day!

-Ivo Beutler

Leisa said...

“Back in the 1960s used cars were cheap so it wasn't hard to purchase something that still had a shine on the paint for a decent price.”--- Indeed! Today on the other hand, if you try to purchase something that is as classic as this one, it’s you’re like purchasing a brand new car as well, otherwise more expensive.

Leisa Dreps