Saturday, October 27, 2012

Official Portraits,

Today, we had our 
'official portraits' done.

 I didn't know, at the beginning, if we would ever make it this far.
 This was taken on 9/7
which is the day I found this tiny thing, his umbilical cord was gone, but still had a small scab.
Here we are on 10/27
He is not completely white, as you can see,
and the ears are colored on the backs, along with color on his tail.

Oreo, who was the largest, when I found him,
is actually the calmest when you pick him up. He seems to be saying something, as I see a bit of tongue.

And here is Peaches, who
is the hardest one to catch, 
and to get still, long enough to snap a picture.
here they are on 9/11 the day I found 
And heading back to bed, after their photos were taken.

Haven't they changed dramatically?

And now for a Huckleberry story...
I had some dog food that I use for treats.
It was in the packages, inside the box, in a chair in the kitchen. 
I found the box in the floor yesterday morning, no packages.
This morning, I find he has hidden part of the packages in the love seat corners.  I suspect he opened and ate at least 1, and maybe 2, before hiding these.


Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful and precious. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Too funny about the dog treats!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

They really have grown and are beautiful! And sounds like they know how to take care of themselves, too! heehee!

NanaDiana said...

Your babies are really beautiful! Why does your Huckleberry story not surprise me?;>) Love ya- Diana

Tete said...

Pretty! I still want oreo!