Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Construction update

Most of you know that on November 27th, we went to daughters to install new flooring and cabinets, only to find we had to gut the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway, and put new joists, sills and sill plates in, before doing anything else.  Also the plumbing and electrical was a mess.
We now have the sub floors back in, and the bathtub/shower installed, the walls to the bathroom are up, but still lack the sheet rock  The new electrical is mostly done, so tomorrow we will put up sheet rock on outside wall of the kitchen and bath.  It is going back together, just more slowly than daughter had hoped.

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NanaDiana said...

I didn't get here at all yesterday. It sounds like things are moving along, Jettie! I am so glad that it will soon (I hope) be over. I'm sure it was hectic around your house on Christmas- xo Diana