Monday, December 26, 2011

So Sad!

Have you ever had a favorite piece of clothing, that finally got so worn and ratty, that it is almost unwearable?  But, you don't want to give it up?

I'm at that point, with an old 'house coat', or cover-up, that I just love....I purchased  it at a yard sale about 3 years ago, and I would say that there have been few times I haven't worn it in the evening, since that time.  And I reach for it first thing in the morning, almost every day.  Of course, this means that it hits the laundry at least twice a week...The seams are frayed, and threadbare now....and I noticed last night that the yoke in the back is separated.  But it is so soft and comfortable that I can't even think of throwing it out....just yet.

Hubby says it looks like a tent, lol, and I would bet he'd gladly put it in the stove, when my back is turned....


NanaDiana said...

I had a flannel nightgown like that. I just loved it. First the elbows went so I cut it off and hemmed the sleeves at the elbows. Then the buttons came off and the buttonholes were kind of ripped out. I sewed it up and it became a "slip on"....The yoke gave way and I patched that up...and then the butt wore fix there! I hope you can find one you like just as much. I have not really ever found a replacement for my favorite. Merry Monday, Jettie- Hope you have a good day! xo Diana

Tete said...

I have many things like that, because I am really picky and things are hard to find that fit short and wide that are comfortable! You hang onto that as long as possible, and if you can still read the label, search another one out on ebay. You might just get lucky!