Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Christmas lights, and more

Happy Birthday to my sister in Christ, Diana, of Nana Diana Takes a Break...We are only a few days apart in age, me being the oldest so I get to tell her what to do...
Yeah, Right.
No, this isn't my house, mine would almost fit in the greatroom of this one.  This is my daughter's and son in law's house.  He has over 10,000 lights on this house.  It took him 2 full days, and on top of this, he is helping us on the project listed just below.

And now for an explanation on why I've not been blogging too much.  Our daughter, Julie, wanted to remodel her kitchen, you know, a simple job, right?
Pull out the old cabinets, put down new flooring, and put the new cabinets in, presto, it's done.  Well, it didn't work quite that way.  Seems we got saw happy, had a fountain in the kitchen the first day, and had to shut off the water.  So she moved in with us, while we destroyed her house, literally.
No, this isn't where we quit, we ended up pulling all the sub floor out, putting in some new joists, pulling siding off the back, and replacing the sill plates and sills.  It now has no floor at all, but the good news is, we have it solid and ready to start constructing a whole new kitchen and bathroom. 
so, if you have missed my blogging, pray for us to be able to get this finished quickly.


NanaDiana said...

Thank you, Jettie, for being a wonderful SISTER to me! That house is amazing with all the lights-really beautiful!

I know how hard you have been working on the job at hand. I just pray that it goes quickly now that you have the base work done. Does it ever fail that when you think something is going to be simple that it is just awful once you start? Love to you- xo Diana

Tete said...

I am praying that you can get this project done soon without any more surprises! Oh, what a mess you found under that floor, but such a blessing, too, because it would have fallen in some time soon.
Keep up on the pain meds and let the younger ones do most of the work!